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C-40A Clipper Arrives at NAS Fort Worth to Boost Marine Corps Airlift Capabilities


Marine Transport Squadron 1 (VMR-1) held a ceremony on May 19 at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth to honour the arrival of its first Marine Corps C-40A aircraft. The event took place at the base. The navy’s unique fleet essential airlift (NUFEA) includes the glossy grey plane with the phrase “United States Marines.”

In the summer of 2017, the aircraft was acquired with the support of Representative Kay Granger of Texas’s 12th Congressional District, who assisted in providing financing for two C-40s.

The combined barrier that required new engineering, building, and testing stands out as the most significant challenge in acquiring the aircraft, as highlighted by Major Nikhil Kesireddy, who serves as the Operation Officer for the VMR-1.

Marines from VMR-1 trained with the Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing (CFLSW), while they waited for their new aircraft. During this time, they logged over 2,000 flight hours and acquired the necessary qualifications.

Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift operations are carried out with the C-40A Clipper, a medium-lift aircraft adapted from the Boeing 737-700C commercial airliner. The C-40A is certified to operate in three different configurations, including an all-passenger configuration that can carry 121 passengers, an all-cargo configuration that can accommodate eight freight pallets and a combined configuration that can accommodate three cargo pallets and 70 passengers. The flight deck, avionics system, and engines of the C-40A meet the requirements for Stage III noise norms, and they have been certified for lengthy over-water missions.

The C-40A is a flexible 737-700 convertible or “combi” aircraft optimised to transport passengers and cargo worldwide. It has been certified for use by the FAA.

The aircraft can transport either goods, passengers, or a combination of the two. Boeing’s C-40 series consists of three aircraft: the C-40A, the C-40B, and the C-40C. The C-40A is the smallest of the three.

The C-40Ai is now being offered to nations worldwide as an option for their military.

C-40A Clipper Aircraft to Enhance US Marine Corps Airlift Capabilities
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