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Entegris Secures $75 Million from Biden Admin: How This Will Impact the Chip Industry


The Biden-Harris Administration, in a significant move, announced on June 26 that the Department of Commerce and Entegris, a crucial supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for cutting-edge chipmakers, have reached a non-binding preliminary memorandum of terms (PMT) to offer the company up to $75 million in proposed federal incentives under the CHIPS and Science Act.

The proposed investment, which has the potential to onshore critical semiconductor supply chain and manufacturing materials for leading-edge chip production, is not just about the industry, but also about the people. It holds the promise of creating a significant number of jobs, estimated to generate approximately 500 construction jobs and nearly 600 direct manufacturing jobs over several years by 2030.

Entegris, a leading supplier of cutting-edge materials and process solutions for the semiconductor and other high-tech sectors, is not just a supplier, but an innovator. The company’s development of the Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUPs), highly specialized containers that ensure the security of semiconductor wafers during the manufacturing process, has been a game-changer, significantly improving semiconductor manufacturing productivity over the past two decades. These carriers are used by many of the world’s largest chipmakers, including Intel, TSMC, Micron, and GlobalFoundries.

Entegris also produces advanced membranes, chemical filters, and chemical storage containers that aid in the purification of processing chemicals and control contamination during production. The demand for these materials is increasing briskly as semiconductor technology continues to advance.

Entegris’ proposed CHIPS investment would facilitate the development of its cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs. The center is being constructed in two phases to facilitate the production of liquid filter membranes, advanced liquid filters and purifiers, and fluid handling solutions. The first phase is designed to support the production of FOUPs, which are currently wholly manufactured abroad. Entegris is dedicated to enhancing its R&D capabilities in the United States by the end of the decade, in addition to the manufacturing center.

Entegris is collaborating with Microchip Technology Inc., Pikes Peak State College, Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance, and various school districts and universities to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem in Colorado Springs and the Mountain West region. The goal is to enhance workforce development. Entegris will also designate its project as a Military Center of Excellence to recruit 50% of its entire project workforce from Veteran and military families. This will be achieved through partnerships with Hiring Our Heroes, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, the SEMI Veteran Foundation, and local military bases.

In addition, Entegris has stated that the facility’s construction and operation will be consistent with the company’s comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility framework, which prioritizes environmental sustainability. Entegris has established a sustainability objective to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions (type 1 and 2) by 42% from the 2020 baseline by 2030. Entegris intends to incorporate facility designs prioritizing water recovery and recycling measures to decrease its dependence on freshwater and recycle 80% of process water.

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