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ESA and Euroconsult are working together to help space startups


The European Space Agency has inked an intent statement on behalf of its network of business incubation centres to expand its services for space businesses that have a high potential for future growth by offering opportunities for market analysis and networking. This letter of intent has been signed with Euroconsult, a global strategy consulting and market intelligence firm that specialises in the space sector and satellite-enabled verticals, to provide incubated companies with the dedicated insight and connection opportunities designed to improve both their knowledge and their access to business opportunities.

ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs), the initiative started in 2003 by the Technology Transfer Programme Office of the European Space Agency, have developed to become Europe’s largest network of space incubators. More than 25 Centres have been established in more than 80 sites across all ESA Member States, each of which hosts a selection of young, local enterprises engaged in the value chain of the space sector. Before graduating, incubated startups can continue in the programme for up to two years, getting funding, coaching, technical direction, and access to a global network of industry and academic contacts. So far, more than 1200 companies have graduated from the programme.

Euroconsult will complement the ESA BIC benefits for both fostered firms and alumni through a new relationship that will provide access to market intelligence reports from industry leaders at a discounted rate. In addition, Euroconsult will host a series of webinars that will provide significant insight into many parts of the global space value chain, beginning with a presentation of their highly anticipated 2022 Space Economy report.

In addition, the collaboration will make it possible for prominent entrepreneurs in the space industry to participate in networking opportunities at all of Euroconsult’s events. These opportunities will include the chance to mingle with high-ranking executives from major established space companies during World Satellite Business Week in Paris, which is Euroconsult’s flagship annual conference.

According to ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, the relationship between Euroconsult and our Business Incubation Centres highlights the importance of space commercialisation and the development of high-potential space businesses. Through this cooperation, ESA will provide its BIC entrepreneurs with additional intelligence and networking possibilities, thereby facilitating their growth. This relationship is to be viewed within the context of the agency’s ScaleUp initiative, which will be recommended to European Ministers for subscription at the November meeting of the ESA’s Ministerial Council.”

The primary purpose of the ESA BIC programme is to help entrepreneurs with space-based business ideas, thereby stimulating regional clusters of space-related startups throughout Europe. Each ESA BIC is handled locally by organisations that connect the ESA BICs to private industry, academia, research agencies, and investment groups within the domestic space ecosystem, as well as to the broader national and worldwide commercial landscape.

The Chief Executive Officer of Euroconsult, Pacôme Révillon, stated that the company’s specialised brand of market intelligence, analysis, and insight into the most recent trends and opportunities would empower entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of innovative commercial space solutions for an industry that continues to grow.

The partnership between ESA BIC and Euroconsult will begin immediately, with the first webinar and exclusive preview of the 2022 Space Economy report on January 19.

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