Solving postal and logistics problems using drones, Japanese ACSL joins the Universal Postal Union

Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd (ACSL, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo), a Japanese drone maker, stated on January 17 that it had joined the advisory board of the United Nations organisation Universal Postal Union (UPU). ACSL is the first company worldwide to join as a drone-related business. ACSL was established in 2013 alongside Japan Post Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). According to the UPU, ACSL is now a Gold member.

ACSL specialises in industrial applications such as asset inspections, disaster surveillance, and drone deliveries. As its core competency, ACSL has been creating cutting-edge autonomous control technology, which enables productivity enhancements, unmanned operations, and the reduction of hazardous jobs for its clients. The company identifies the technical stacks required to unman a client operation through Proof-of-Concept experiments and then converts to mass manufacture of high-quality, dependable “application-specific drones.” It completed Japan’s first Level 3 flight, which involved flying – out of sight without the assistance of a pilot. In December 2010, it achieved Level 4 with a new logistics-dedicated drone that is designed for use in out-of-seen flights in populated areas. According to ACSL, its participation resulted from its attempts to utilise drones to address postal and logistical difficulties.

ACSL is a global leader in the field of automated control technology, with a team comprised of members from the United States, Sweden, China, Nepal, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, India, and Japan.

Masahiko Metoki, the secretary general of the Universal Postal Union, recently stated that he has high hopes for drones to expand international letter delivery options. Due to their participation in demonstration trials, the ACSL has accumulated considerable expertise. It is a company that can collaborate with UPU to detect and give early countermeasures for various international mail concerns. This is possible concerning foreign mail.

Other new UPU Consultative Committee (CC) members include Pitney Bowes, ADS Group (Africa Development Solutions), 8 Degrees East, ShopRunBack, DPDgroup, P2 Die Zweite Post GmbH & Co. KG, Geomain, Stampsdaq, GTS Express, Eurora Solutions OÜ, MailAmericas, Ship2MyID, MailworXs GmbH (Mail Alliance), Zonos, and The logistic-native e.V. All the companies are Gold members except Zonos which is a Bronze member and The logistic-native e.V, an NGO member. There are a total of 30 CC members worldwide.

INSIGHT Partners, an Indian research organisation, forecasts that the global market for drone services will grow from $629.2 million in 2018 to $24,882.2 million in 2027. This expansion is being propelled by industries such as infrastructure, agriculture, and logistics, all of which face prevalent labour shortages and safety problems and all of which place a significant emphasis on cutting costs and minimising environmental impact.

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