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The €3 Billion  Leopard 2A8 Tank Deal That’s Reshaping German Defense


The Bundestag’s Budget Committee has authorized the Bundeswehr’s procurement of 105 Leopard 2A8 main battle tanks. Furthermore, the package, which was agreed upon on Wednesday, July 3, has a total value of approximately 6 billion euros and comprises four Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, guided missiles, and artillery ammunition.

From this sum, three billion euros will be allocated for tank acquisitions. The Bundestag’s Defense Committee, which approved the corresponding proposal from the German Ministry of Defense, also supported the Leopard 2A8 procurement.

Leopard Tanks, including for the Lithuanian Brigade

The Bundeswehr is anticipated to receive the new tanks from the German armored vehicle manufacturer KNDS by 2030. According to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, the Leopard tanks will equip the German brigade in Lithuania and resolve significant equipment gaps in the Bundeswehr that have existed for many years.

Leopard 2A7 with equipped with Trophy APS
Leopard 2A7 with equipped with Trophy APS. Pic: EuroTrophy GmbH

“Today we were truly able to launch important armament projects that will be implemented in the coming years,” he indicated. Pistorius assured that the procurement of ammunition would be significantly accelerated and expanded.

Bundeswehr Brigade in Lithuania

In 2025, a Bundeswehr brigade with approximately 5,000 personnel is scheduled to be permanently stationed in Lithuania. Combat readiness is anticipated to be achieved by the conclusion of 2027. The Lithuanian brigade anticipates the permanent presence of approximately 4,800 soldiers and 200 civilian personnel in Rūdninkai, which is located near Vilnius, and Rukla, which is located near Kaunas.

The German Defense Minister called this initiative a “beacon for a new era.” Therefore, Pistorius is of the opinion that Germany is responding to Lithuania’s security requirements in response to Russia’s comprehensive invasion of Ukraine.

Aid Package for Ukraine

Marcus Faber, the Chairman of the Committee, has stated that this will simultaneously address several issues. The Bundeswehr brigade will be equipped with new tanks from Lithuania, and the German army will replace its outdated Leopard 2 models. Additionally, this will give Ukraine the opportunity to receive additional support.  

“Such large-scale procurements show that we take defense and support for Ukraine seriously in the long term,” Faber stated.

Consequently, the German defense industry now has a planning horizon extending until the decade’s end. According to the DPA agency, the Bundeswehr will replenish its arsenals, and Ukraine will receive the necessary armaments.

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