15 years in movies – Deepika Padukone surprises everyone with a revelation

Deepika Padukone recently celebrated 15 years working in the Indian film industry. Recently took social media by storm as she reached this milestone. Now has posted a video with the caption "It's Time to Look East" Fans are left wondering whether it refers to a film announcement or brand representation.

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There is no denying that Deepika Padukone is the star of the show today! Now that she has completed 15 years working in the Indian film industry, Bollywood’s Number One has everyone excited with an intriguing post that she published on social media. She recently took the digital world by storm as she reached this milestone.

Fans were left wondering whether the celebrity just gave a hint about her upcoming project as she posted a video of herself looking absolutely stunning with the caption “Stay Tuned.” The video was accompanied by the phrase, “It’s Time to Look East.”

Given that Deepika Padukone is India’s most prominent international brand ambassador, one can’t help but wonder whether the post refers to a film announcement to celebrate her 15 years in the film industry or a brand representation of some kind.

Even though some of the specifics aren’t revealed just yet, everyone’s attention is focused on the celebrity’s feed as we impatiently wait for the big announcement!

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