150 year old trident pierced through the neck of an Indian

A patient whose neck had been sliced through by a metal trident sought medical attention at one of the hospitals in India.

The individual stated that he did not experience any pain after becoming injured due to an altercation with his companions in a restaurant.

Because such an injury would surely result in death, the doctors were initially convinced they were the target of a cruel joke. However, the man, now 33 years old, appears to have been born wearing a shirt: a rusty piece of iron penetrated his neck, but it did not come into contact with any of his veins or arteries.

Following the photo opportunity with the medical team, the injured man was then placed on the operation table.

According to the report made by the surgeon who carried out the procedure, the trident “miraculously did not touch the carotid artery, the jugular vein, the trachea, or the spine.”

Following the completion of the operation, the young man was questioned by the authorities. He is adamant that he will not discuss with them the circumstances surrounding the accident that resulted in such severe damage. The age of the iron trident at the restaurant, determined to be 150 years old by the analysis, is a mystery to the law enforcement personnel who investigated the crime scene.

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