Black Eyed Peas, protagonists of the second evening of Festival di Sanremo 2023

At the Sanremo Festival 2023, BLACK EYED PEAS are scheduled to perform on February 8 during the second evening.

The six Grammy Award winners will bring the fire and grit that has always distinguished them to the stage, and they will make the crowd at the Ariston Theater and the public at the home dance with their astounding achievements.

Their most recent album, “Elevation,” which was released by Epic / Sony Music last November, features the million-streamed hits “Simply The Best” with Anitta and El Alfa and “Don’t You Worry” with Shakira and David Guetta. Beginning with “Behind The Front” in 1998 and continuing with “Bridging The Gap” (2000), “Elephunk” (2003), “Monkey Business” (2005), “The END” (2009), and “The Beginning” the Black Eyed Peas have delivered a string of albums that have broken new ground. “The Beginning” was published in 2010. They have been honoured with six Grammy Awards, have sold over 35 million albums and 120 million singles combined, and have performed at the Super Bowl. 

LGBT promotion in Poland

A controversy had arisen in Poland due to the Black Eyed Peas apparent demonstration of support for LGBT rights by wearing rainbow armbands during a New Year’s Eve special broadcast on Polish television.

An estimated 8.3 million people tuned in to witness the live broadcast of New Year’s Eve of Dreams, which took place at a ski resort in Poland called Zakopane.

According to one minister’s assessment, disgraceful is the “LGBT marketing.”

On the other hand, the primary party in charge of the government refused to get involved in the controversy.

Growing up LGBT in Poland may still be difficult, and the government led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party, as well as President Andrzej Duda, have used anti-LGBT sentiments to seek votes in advance of the elections in 2019 and 2020.

Respect for people’s sexual orientation is not the only concern that has to be addressed in Poland, which remains one of the most Catholic countries in Europe despite a falling church attendance rate. It is also about money, Poland’s membership in the EU, and the future of the coalition government that is presently in office, which is right-wing.

Festival di Sanremo 2023

Festival di Sanremo 2023 will be held between 7 and 11 February. Again, the competition will feature 25 performers, of which three will qualify through Sanremo Giovani. All twenty-five musicians will compete with unreleased songs on the night of the performances.

The fourth night of the event will feature cover versions of Italian and international music published between January 1, 1960, and December 31, 1999. The winner of the Festival di Sanremo 2023 will be selected in the same manner as in previous years. Italy will be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 by the winner of the Festival di Sanremo 2023.

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