Elizabeth Hurley denies Rumors of Taking Prince Harry’s Virginity

Elizabeth Hurley has refuted rumours that she was Prince Harry's first sexual conquest. Rumours had it that the Duke of Sussex gave up his virginity to an older woman. Hurley said she was "absolutely not" the woman referenced in the royal's autobiography.

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The book of the Duke of Sussex is scheduled to be published in January of 2023, and according to rumours, it will contain a story of how he gave up his virginity to an older woman.

Elizabeth Hurley, an English actress, has spoken out to refute rumours that she was Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex’s first sexual conquest. According to the stories, Hurley was the first woman Harry had a sexual encounter with.

The rumour in the issue started to circulate after it was claimed that Harry described losing his virginity to a “beautiful older woman in the countryside” in his soon-to-be-published autobiography.

Earlier this week, a British outlet questioned Hurley about these rumours. In response, she vehemently denied the rumours when asked about them in the interview.

“Not me. “Not guilty,” the actress stated, emphasising that the woman referenced in the royal’s memoir was “absolutely not” her. 

The forthcoming autobiography by Prince Harry, titled “Spare,” is scheduled to be released the following month.

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