Jamie and Jesse Lever’s ‘A Spin Around Dubai’ episodes are now on MX Studio

The series examines nine intriguing locales and eccentric activities that the siblings partake in. Jamie and Jesse Lever will take the audience through some of Dubai's finest locations while being their hilarious selves.

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MX Player, the top OTT platform in India, is recognised for catering to the different demands of its audiences with compelling content across genres and forms. MX Studios announced its partnership with Dubai Economy & Tourism for an action-packed three-episode miniseries titled ‘A Spin Around Dubai’, intending to construct a wholesome entertainment ecosystem. The series, starring Jamie and Jesse Lever, will premiere on MX Player exclusively on January 5, 2023.

According to Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing’s Head of Region For South Asia, Bader Ali Habib, Dubai is one of the most Instagrammed cities. Dubai provides a variety of settings, ranging from pristine landscapes to world-class attractions and experiences. Jamie and Jesse are a popular, brilliantly funny comedy pair, and the corporation looks forward to Indian audiences seeing our city in true ‘Lever’ form, he says.

During family vacations, brothers and popular comedy pair Jamie and Jesse Lever, who are recognised for their unique material, share a penchant for adventure. They chose Dubai, a city that offers timeless experiences and adventures, as their next vacation. However, this voyage has a twist as they travel to Dubai with no schedule and only a spinning wheel to determine their destination within the city. The series examines nine intriguing locales and eccentric activities that the siblings partake in with their humorous twists. Jamie and Jesse will take the audience through some of Dubai’s finest locations while being their hilarious selves, from a desert sunrise in a hot air balloon to a fountain show with a magnificent view of the Burj Khalifa, or experiencing the edge walk on the 53rd floor of the Sky Views Observatory, to meeting master chef Vineet Bhatia who matches the duo’s vibe.

A Spin Around Dubai Full Trailer starring Jamie and Jesse Lever

Jamie Lever said on their adventures that the series taught him that often the finest experiences are unplanned, and Jesse and he can’t wait to return to Dubai for more unexpected adventures and let the wheel continue to turn.

‘A Spin Around Dubai’ provided them with a one-of-a-kind experience and the opportunity to see such a lovely city and its adrenaline-pumping activities. Dubai has always been known for its inventive experiences and design, but what they filmed is a variety of unforgettable experiences. He can’t wait for viewers to stream the show and begin organising an impromptu holiday, adds Jesse Lever.

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