Jennifer Aniston is going to sue Brad Pitt – media

Following the outspoken statements made by Angelina Jolie, another ex-wife of the Hollywood sex symbol chose to remind Angelina Jolie about the rights to that she was entitled to. And we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars here!

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It appeared as though the “black streak” in Pitt’s life would finally come to an end after multiple court hearings with Angelina Jolie and even claims of domestic violence. However, not everything can be explained so easily. Sources close to Heat Word claim that the actor is currently dealing with a fresh and significant obstacle in his professional life. And this also applies to things that are considered “affairs of the heart.”

It has come to light that Jennifer Aniston, the actress in the television show “Friends,” is getting ready to file a lawsuit against her ex-lover.

What was the rationale behind it? Reporters say that this is the production business ‘Plan B Entertainment’, which was established in 2001 by the exes as a joint venture between themselves. After the couple’s marriage ended in divorce, Pitt was left as the sole owner of the property. And everything would have been perfect except for the sudden decision that he made to put his offspring up for sale. And hidden from Aniston all along. The response did not take very long to appear.

“It’s not about money at all; she went on principle. Jennifer is important that she remained a co-author. She just gave the company away and didn’t get a cent,” the insider said and added that now the star wants to sue the former for $ 100 million.

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