Kim Kardashian showed herself without makeup, and she was almost unrecognisable

She has psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune conditions despite following a specialised diet, receiving cortisone injections, and light radiation treatments, so Kim Kardashian's stunning beauty is largely the result of plastic surgeons, stylists, and makeup artists. But her efforts are commendable.

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In every way imaginable, Kam Kardashian is a remarkable lady. However, her stunning beauty is due more to the skill of plastic surgeons, stylists, and makeup artists than to Mother Nature. Those who saw the commercial for Kim Kardashian’s SKKN beauty line online were led to believe that the reality star looks completely different without her signature makeup.

In the video, a makeup artist is seen applying makeup to Kim’s face while simultaneously providing viewers commentary on his actions. At the beginning of the video, Kim Kardashian can be seen with no makeup on her face. In this form, the stunningly beautiful person we are accustomed to seeing is difficult to recognise.

Kim Kardashian without makeup
Kim Kardashian without makeup. Image: Video Frame

Kim, who is 42 years old, must put in a lot of work to seem flawless. She covers her entire body, including her face, with a thick coat of foundation daily to conceal the psoriasis-related red spots on her skin. This autoimmune condition was passed down to her by Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner.

Kim admitted that she had no idea how to treat her Psoriasis, even though she had witnessed the symptoms of her mother’s psoriasis symptoms when she was a child. Her mother had it not only on her body but also in her hair. She recalled that she had visited the solarium to improve her condition. However, this treatment is ineffective for her since she is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which causes the spots to become even more irritated and red. Kim is her mother’s only child, and she has inherited her mother’s autoimmune condition from her.

The model became skilled at concealing the red marks on her body using tonal methods. On the other hand, Psoriasis was quickly followed by another condition known as psoriatic arthritis.

Kim can still vividly recall the night she woke up and could not pick up her phone. She regarded that as odd but might have merely rested her hand. And when she woke up in the morning, the pain in her hands was so severe that she couldn’t even pick up a toothbrush. The results of her blood test revealed that she had rheumatoid arthritis as well as lupus.

In addition to applying cortisone cream to her face regularly, Kim adheres to a specialised diet that a dermatologist designed. When the disease reaches a more advanced stage, the model receives a series of cortisone injections and performs Quasar MD Plus procedures based on light radiation. Even after taking all of these preventative steps, she still frequently relapses in the condition.

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