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Mom is a Playboy star, and dad is an actor: DiCaprio’s new lover Victoria Lamas, is only 23 years old

Leo DiCaprio was spotted with model Victoria Lamas in Los Angeles. Gigi Hadid is already 27 years old and has a child. The actor ended his relationship with Camila Morrone the night before her 25th birthday.

Victoria Lamas
Victoria Lamas

Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio spent his evenings with Gigi Hadid. The model, a blonde, party-loving catwalk sensation, met all the criteria for a Hollywood bachelor: blue-eyed, blonde model. Except for the fact that Gigi is already 27 years old and has a child, everything made sense. You are aware that Leo prefers younger women. As soon as his next love becomes 25, everyone should be kind, pack up their belongings, and make room for his new sweetheart. In the end, Gigi did not meet the age requirement. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with a woman: model Victoria Lamas.

Leo and Victoria were spotted by paparazzi exiting the Birds Street club in Los Angeles. The couple entered the vehicle and engaged in a heated conversation. DiCaprio and his partner both laughed and appeared content.

Who is Leo’s new significant other? Victoria comes from a prominent Hollywood family; her father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, was a 90s movie star. Mom is the stunning blonde Playboy model Shona Sand. Victoria chose to follow in the footsteps of both of her parents simultaneously. She has six acting jobs and is also a photographer. The girl is also interested in photography and painting and secretly draws.

Victoria Lamas. Images: Insta

Fans of Leonardo DiCaprio are arguing about Victoria’s age more than her family. Two years after the debut of Leonardo DiCaprio’s cult blockbuster Titanic, she was born.

Remember that towards the end of August, Western tabloids announced that Leonardo’s subsequent novel was unsuccessful. The actor ended his relationship with model Camila Morrone the night before her 25th birthday. Leo and Camila have dated for greater than five years. The world’s tabloids exhaled a sigh of relief as the most enviable Hollywood fiancé finally found a constant companion. Unfortunately, their prediction of a speedy wedding was not to be.

When Leo first came into contact with Camila, she was a young girl, only 12 years old at the time. Stepdaughter Camila is married to Al Pacino, and the actor lived with Camila’s mother, Lusila Sola, for a number of years. In 2017, Leonardo and Camila began dating again after the actor’s relationship with model Nina Agdal came to an end.

Only the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and the Israeli fashion model Bar Refaeli had previously had such a permanent place in Leo’s heart for as long as Camila does. Leo was almost in the wedding procession with both of them.


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