MX Player unveils the schedule of international shows in February 2023

As February begins, MX Player Videsi has released the international show schedules dubbed in Hindi.

My Horrible Boss: February 1st

It is commonly stated that opposites attract. In some instances, it is true, but in others, this combination can produce unanticipated outcomes. Popular KDrama ‘My Horrible Boss’ focuses on the interaction between two polar opposites: Nam Jung Gi (Yoon Sang Hyun), a sweet marketing manager at a cosmetics company, and Ok Da Jung (Lee Yo Won), a young boss with a short fuse. While Nam Jung Gi is referred to as ‘Father Theresa’ and ‘Walking UNICEF,’ Da Jung’s coworkers have called her ‘Fire Da Jung’ due to her poor manners. These two individuals cannot stand each other and frequently engage in nasty activities. However, the situation changes when someone from Ok Da Jung’s past attempts to damage the company and endanger its existence. Will they unite to salvage the company, or will their differences be the cause of its demise? My Horrible Boss, a 16-episode powerful female-led story with a dash of drama, realism, and fantasy will begin streaming on MX Player in Hindi on February 1st 2023.

Love is Sweet: February 4th

The Chinese Drama (C-Drama) series Love Sweet is a loose adaptation of Qizi’s novel of the same name. The 36-episode romcom drama depicts the lives of Jiang Jun and Ma Yuanshuai, childhood friends who re-encounter each other at work, but this time as rivals. Jiang Jun, a well-educated woman with a double degree in economics and psychology, quits her dream job at a non-governmental organisation and joins a top investing firm to fulfil her dying father’s final wish. Here, she meets Ma Yuanshuai, but her expectations are dashed when she realises that he is no longer a loving gentleman but rather a rival competitor. As someone schemes against her, her difficulties multiply. How would she manage her personal life with her career? Love is Sweet begins streaming in Hindi on February 4th, and new weekly episodes are added.

Chasing Ball: February 8th

The juvenile sports movie ‘Chasing Ball’ provides the ideal adrenaline boost for fans of low-budget films. The plot centres on Yan Xiaoxi, the daughter of a professional table tennis player and an adept in the sport herself. Due to her weak financial background, Yan Xiaoxi works various jobs and competes in table tennis tournaments to make money. She attracts the attention of the handsome leader of the Tangyuan Ping Pong club, Qi Jing Hao, who encourages her to join the table tennis team at Tengyuan College. The youthful group quickly bonds, and they work together to achieve their objective of winning the National Academy Cup. With inspiration, romance, and drama, Chasing Ball provides the ideal dose of entertainment for viewers. This series will be available on MX Player in Hindi beginning on February 8th, with new weekly episodes.

Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities: February 11th

Immerse yourself in Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities, a romantic fantasy C-Drama. Su Mo (Li Yifeng), a Prince of Sea Gods, and Bai Ying (Chen Yuqi), a Princess and descendant of a powerful sword deity, struggle for the independence of their people in this film directed by Patrick Yau. In a land of tranquillity, two charmed beings meet and are instantly attracted to one another. Their budding passion, however, causes them to cross enemy lines and inflame enmity between the two warring sides, resulting in unintended consequences. Su Mo assumes a disguise after being banished, while Bai Ying decides to shake up both worlds and put them at risk. Will their efforts bring them together? Enter this never-before-seen fanatical world of romance, drama, and action beginning on February 11th, when the 50-episode series will begin streaming on MX Player in Hindi, with weekly new episodes.

ID: Gangnam Beauty – February 15th

Based on a renowned Korean webtoon, ID: Gangnam Beauty is a romantic comedy with a strong message of self-love. The story chronicles the lives of Kang Mi-rae (I’m Soo-Hyang), a young girl who decides to have plastic surgery after being harassed for her appearance. People’s taunts make her uneasy and wary, and therefore to modify herself to match the societal beauty standards of being ‘pretty’, she has plastic surgery. While her rebirth first appears to be successful, things take a turn for the worst when she is mocked by her university friends. Mi-rae, dubbed the ‘Gangnam plastic surgery monster,’ juggles growing her self-esteem and attracting Do Kyung’s attention. Will Mi-rae regain her confidence and be able to face the challenges of college? Will Kyung-hee appreciate genuine beauty and recognise Mi-affection? On February 15th, MX Player will broadcast ID: Gangnam Beauty in Hindi.

The Wolf Princess: February 18th

The historical Chinese drama ‘The Wolf Princess’ is based on the novel ‘Exquisite Wolf Heart’ by Sky Wing Media. The plot revolves around Princess Ling Long (Connie Kang), who is attacked by a wolf while hunting for her father. She lives as a woman with two distinct personalities, switching between a human and a wolf form. Pretending to be a good human, she cannot control her combative mentality and is frequently labelled as manipulative in order to satisfy her selfish demands. However, her ambitions are derailed when she is mistaken for a robber by the haughty young aristocrat Yan Qing (Gu Jia Cheng). While Yan Qing feels he knows Ling Long’s true identity, he is aware of her hazardous dual personality, and he and Ling Long decide to make amends. Will this unique team find a method to recognise evil, both outside and inside? Find out on February 18th as the 24-episode series broadcasts in Hindi on MX Player.

Heirs of Night Season 2: February 22nd

With only five vampire clans remaining in Europe, it is imperative that they band together to ensure their survival. They have learned each other’s abilities, but joining forces is difficult. For decades, the clans have fought against one another, but now they must band together to preserve the world from eternal darkness and slay Dracula. Will the elders set aside their hostility and permit the younger vampires to attend the school constructed on The Elizabeth? On February 22nd, Heirs of Night Season 2 will premiere in Hindi on MX Player.

My Dear Brothers: February 25th

My Dear Brothers is a fantasy romance C-drama, which is adapted from You Qian’s novel ‘Jia Xiong You Zai Zuo Si.’ The plot centres around Shi Xia (Wu Qianying), an attractive and smart girl, and her loving brother, Shi Dong (Dai Yunfan). After the death of their parents, the siblings become dependent on one another. But things take a dramatic turn when Shi Dong inexplicably vanishes without a trace, and Shi Xia starts on the hunt to find him. Shi Xia is sent to a foreign planet during her search, where she meets the immortal Hou Chi, who adopts her as his younger sister and begins a new life with her. However, Shi Dong emerges as the commander of a fearsome demon sector, and the two ‘brothers’ engage in a battle to protect their younger sister. Beginning on February 25th, new episodes of this 30-episode delightful Hindi series are released weekly on MX Player and are filled with love, comedy, and plenty of drama.

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