Ncuti Gatwa first appeared as the new Doctor Who

BBC Studios has released the first photos of Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth Doctor Who.

In the first picture, the protagonist of the cult sci-fi show appears before us in the usual Doctor Who costume, consisting of a brown plaid coat and trousers, brown shoes and an orange T-shirt. He stands against the backdrop of the sunset, his hands casually stuffed into his pockets, giving the impression that the Doctor is already ready to take on any villains that await him in the future. Earlier, the actor said that what he would most like to see is how his character will face off against the Weeping Angels and the Beast:

“Weeping Angels is a Doctor Who classic, they are really, really scary. Also, I would love to fight the Beast, because he is the embodiment of evil, the real devil. I don’t think you can find anyone more evil than him in the whole show,” he said.

Ncuti Gatwa
Ncuti Gatwa. Images: BBC Stidios

Also posted is a photo of Gatwa standing by the TARDIS with her new colleague Millie Gibson, who will play the Doctor’s partner Ruby Sunday. Judging by their happy, relaxed faces, they are very excited about the opportunity to work with each other. Gatwa had previously praised Gibson in a written statement:

 Ncuti Gatwa Plays Doctor Who. The actor will star alongside Millie Gibson, who will play the Doctor's companion Ruby Sunday.
Ncuti Gatwa Plays Doctor Who. The actor will star alongside Millie Gibson, who will play the Doctor’s companion Ruby Sunday.

“Millie is just an amazing companion. She is full of talent, strength, she has a daring and razor-sharp character. From the moment the team first saw her, she captured our attention with her brilliance and incredible ability.”

Gibson also expressed her admiration for Gatwa when the BBC officially announced that she had been cast as Ruby:

“This is a gift of fate and a real dream come true. I’m very excited to be working with the amazing Ncuti Gatwa.”

New Doctor Who episodes starring Gatwa and Gibson will hit screens during the 2023 New Year holiday season.

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