Netflix series ‘The Glory’ a female revenge drama with Song Hye-kyo, debuts in the top 5

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“The Glory,” a new South Korean original series produced by Netflix and premiering on the streaming service, has debuted at position No. 5 on a global popularity chart for television programmes available via streaming services.

The streaming analytics company FlixPatrol said on Sunday (U.S. time), two days after the drama starring Song Hye-kyo made its debut, that the show ranked fifth on Netflix’s daily global list for television shows. 

It was the most watched television programme in ten different nations, including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Venezuela also ranked among those countries.

Song Hye-kyo – Melodrama Queen

The “Melodrama Queen” Song Hye-kyo is back with a new Netflix series, “The Glory,” a nasty revenge drama about school bullying.

The film “The Glory,” which was made available on Netflix on December 30 and tells the story of a victim of school violence who exacts elaborate revenge on her former attackers. Ahn Gil-ho is at the helm of the second of the two-part series, which is set for a March release.

Song and star writer Kim Eun-sook met for the first time in six years since their mega-hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun” to explore a new genre.

The 41-year-old actress stated that she attempted to portray Moon Dong-eun as a strong woman ready to punish her previous tormentors who made her life miserable in high school.

It’s possible that viewers won’t recognise her in this character because, in the past, she’s primarily been cast in dramatic works, Song stated during a press conference. She said that acting for the role was challenging but that she ended up having a lot of fun with it.

Following a failed suicide attempt, the main character becomes a stoic, aloof lady who plots a vicious vengeance against her old classmates.

Moon Dong-soul eun’s is damaged by the bullying’s misery and pain, but the school, her parents, and the police ignore her, Song added.

Kim, the screenwriter, stated that a conversation she had with her daughter when she was in high school served as a major wake-up call on the issue of school violence. As a result, she read numerous articles by victims to investigate the mental health of the individuals.

According to Kim, victims of violence lose “invisible things” in the midst of the violence, such as their dignity, reputation, and glory. Kim came up with the idea to deliver the series ‘The Glory’ to show support for those who have been bullied and to encourage their bullies to apologise to them.

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