Oksana Fedorova remembered how she was hiding in the toilet from Donald Trump

Oksana Fedorova hid in the restroom to avoid Donald Trump when he handed her the title. The 2002 Miss Universe was studying for a PhD at St Petersburg University. She had to call her mother for advice, who told her not to come back if she changed her mind.

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Oksana Fedorova, the 2002 Miss Universe, recalled how she hid in the restroom to avoid Donald Trump. When he handed her the title, he owned a company that organised a beauty contest.

Fedorova was at a crossroads: should she continue the activities stated in her contract and subsequently study in New York, or complete her PhD and accept a position at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation’s department at St. Petersburg University? In the form of a chat with the future president of the United States, Donald Trump, the beauty was left with a reinforced concrete conviction.

“He said:” Do you understand that many girls dream of this crown? You took someone else’s place! “- In this conversation, I asked to go to the restroom to call my mother and friends for advice. And all the girlfriends shouted in one voice: “Are you crazy? Don’t even think about coming back!” Fedorova admits.

Fedorova adds that she had to call her mother, who left the choice to her daughter, and an hour later when they were already pulling the toilet handle, she had to come out with a final decision.

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