Pirates of the Caribbean, starring Margot Robbie, remains in Disney’s plan

Jerry Bruckheimer says Disney is still planning an all-female spin-off. It's not currently a priority for the franchise at the moment.

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Pirates of the Caribbean franchise longtime producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated that Disney is still planning to release an all-female spin-off of the adventure series starring Margot Robbie. In a new interview with Collider, Bruckheimer said, I think at some point this film will come to light. We have developed two different scenarios for future Pirates of the Caribbean films. The first one was put into development earlier. We are working on it, including in order to try to make a second one in the future.”

In the summer of 2020, Variety reported that Disney had begun production on two new Pirates of the Caribbean instalments: an all-female spin-off starring Robbie, written by Birds of Prey: The Amazing Story of Harley Quinn creator Christina Hodson, and another Screenwriter, Ted Elliott and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin are developing the film. Bruckheimer himself was also involved in the development of both projects.

However, in November of this year, Robbie, in a conversation with reporters from Vanity Fair, said that Disney producers, in fact, cancelled her picture:

“We had an idea. We have been developing the film for some time, many years ago. The idea, we thought, was really cool. But I think they don’t want to continue working on the project.”

According to Bruckheimer, the Robbie movie has yet to be cancelled, but it’s also not a priority for the franchise at the moment.

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