Queen of Pop Madonna named five parenting rules that her children must follow

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This past weekend, Madonna, now 64 years old, released a snapshot on social media that featured a blackboard with five house rules written in chalk for her children. The first rule is to “Smile,” and the second is to “Be Happy.” Following that, “Be satisfied with what you have,” “Listen to others,” and “Talk well” were given as advice.

There are six members of Madonna’s family. These individuals are Lourdes Leon, 26 years old; Rocco Ritchie, 22 years old; David Banda, 17 years old; Mercy James Ciccone, 16 years old; and Esther and Stella Ciccone, who are twins and are ten years old. This brings to mind the online publication known as AOL.

In January, Madonna gave a speech discussing the challenges of being a mother. She said that she is aware of the challenges her children face due to having a mother like her. After all, the singer keeps up with her hectic touring schedule, appears at various social events, and is frequently followed and photographed by journalists. In addition, a woman does not disregard the importance of her private life. It is common knowledge that Madonna gravitates towards dating much younger individuals.

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