Singer Akon firm on plans to build $6 billion ‘Real-Life Wakanda’ in Senegal

Akon City project will be located in the Senegalese seaside commune of Ngueniene.

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Akon, an American-born rapper and pop musician of Senegalese heritage, announced plans for a futuristic and inventive city in 2018, stating it would be a “Crypto city” where all monetary transactions would be conducted in “Akoins.” The new $6 billion Akon City project will be located in the Senegalese seaside commune of Ngueniene.

The Senegalese-American rapper and musical musician Akon, whose full name is Aliaune Damala Thiam Akon, confirmed his intention to build a “real-life Wakanda” in Africa, a city entitled “Akon City.”

This weekend, the artist informed the media that his initial plans were delayed by two years owing to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). He contended that he “would have gotten more things in place” before advertising his Wakanda-like metropolis to the world.

“I plan to retire in that city,” said Akon. “I don’t like to use the word the ‘king’ of the city, but that’s what it will turn out to be.”

A 50-year lease on the site has already been “co-signed by the present president” of Senegal, according to the world-famous rapper of Senegalese heritage. According to local media sources, the land where Akon’s futuristic and inventive metropolis is slated to be constructed is currently a grazing area for goats.

Akon, whose estimated net worth ranges from $60 million to $80 million, stated that the project’s construction firms and architects had been replaced with new partners who have a greater understanding of the African continent and “genuine credibility globally.”

“We want the big skyscrapers. My goal is to try to build something that people deem impossible in Africa, right?” Akon said. He promised excavation work would begin on the property before the end of the year. He noted that other announcements on the start of the actual construction work would be forthcoming.

Speaking of the “Akoin,” the cryptocurrency that was to be used for all monetary transactions in Akon City, the pop icon admitted that the Akoin project “wasn’t being managed properly,” adding that he takes “all responsibility” for compensating the project’s donors.

“Even if I gotta go in my own pocket,” Akon added. “I’m dead serious. I would do a world tour just to pay them all back.”

Powered by a blockchain-based ecosystem of services and tools for businesses in African economies and beyond, the Akoin coin was released on Bitmart with an initial value of $0.28 in September 2021. The value of the new cryptocurrency dropped to $0.017 on December 25 due to a whole crash in the cryptocurrency market.

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