Delta Air Lines firms fourth reorder for 12 additional Airbus A220 aircraft

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The firm order for an A220-300 takes the total number of A220 aircraft that Delta has committed to purchasing to 119. This includes 45 A220-100s and 74 A220-300s. Delta is the largest customer and operator of the A220; the airline has placed four separate orders for the aircraft during the course of its history.

According to Kristen Bojko, the Vice President of Fleet for Delta Air Lines, these twelve brand-new Airbus A220 aircraft will help fuel the airline’s increasingly streamlined fleet while also providing customers with the upgraded in-flight experience they have come to expect from Delta.

Christian Scherer, Airbus’ Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International remarked that the company was “very gratified” with Delta Air Lines’ fourth reorder of A220s in just four years. Delta was the A220’s debut customer in the United States. He also noted that the plane uses 25% less fuel and produces 25% fewer CO2 emissions as it transports Delta passengers across more than a hundred trips.

As the first U.S. airline to operate the Airbus A220, Delta received its first of the new planes in October of 2018. Currently, Delta operates a total of 415 Airbus aircraft. This includes 59 A220s, 266 A320 Family planes, 62 A330s, and 28 A350-900s.

The Airbus A220 is the first aircraft on the market that was developed expressly to address the market for 100-150 seats. It features cutting-edge aerodynamics, cutting-edge materials, and cutting-edge GTF engines manufactured by Pratt & Whitney. Customers benefit from the advantages of a noise footprint that is decreased in half and NOx emissions that are cut by nearly the same amount thanks to the A220, which compares favourably to the norm for the industry in terms of both of these metrics.

According to Airbus, the A220 is one of the best aircraft for providing operational flexibility for both regional and long-distance flights. It has been delivered to 246 clients across 16 airlines on four continents, making it one of the most popular aircraft in its class. To this point, the A220 has carried about 70 million passengers. At the moment, the fleet operates more than 825 trips to a total of 325 airports located all over the world. The company’s position as the market leader in the small single-aisle class will be further cemented by the completion of 2022 with the receipt of orders for around 800 A220 aircraft from a total of 30 customers.

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