German Football League content to be available on BMW 7 Series

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The BMW Group and the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga announced today that BMW is the first automaker to test Bundesliga content in a pilot application. Bundesliga-related content will be accessible via an app on the BMW Curved Display. Bundesliga is the premier German football league. The Bundesliga in-car App for the new BMW 7 Series will initially only be available in Germany and will be downloaded wirelessly over the air. It won’t be long before other nations in Europe, North America, and Asia do the same. This deal might, at some point in the future, be made available for recently released models as well. The experiment is expected to continue through 31.3.2024 according to the initial intentions.

The video content of the Bundesliga in-car app will only be viewed when the vehicle has come to a complete stop in order to protect the safety of the passengers. The on-demand content, such as highlight forms or match data, as well as live content that has been customised for use in a car, are the primary focuses of the test. While the vehicle is moving, passengers will have the opportunity to listen to an audio stream of the contents. The Bundesliga In-Car App will undergo ongoing development after the start of the test, with which it will be equipped.

It is necessary for the client to activate the Personal eSIM in their vehicle before they may use the video streaming capabilities of the Bundesliga app. The antennas that are installed in the car will then make it possible for individuals to broadcast 5G football games at high speeds using their individual mobile contracts.

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