Hyundai IONIQ 6, ORA Funky Cat, Tesla Model S & Y and WEY Coffee 01 win European NCAP Safety awards for 2022

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Euro NCAP has announced the winners for 2022, which will be the organization’s busiest year to date. The researchers found that these autos had the greatest scores for Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable User Protection, and Safety Assist Technologies. This list includes two Tesla vehicles for the first time, in addition to two automobile manufacturers from China that are new to the European market. The relevance of the Euro NCAP five-star certification in establishing safety, credibility, and quality on the European market for vehicle manufacturers in Europe and beyond is demonstrated by these outcomes. ​​​​​

These individuals have been selected as the winners: The Hyundai IONIQ 6 took first place in the category for Large Family Cars, while the ORA Funky Cat took first place for Small Family Cars. The Tesla Model S won the category for Executive Cars, the Tesla Model Y took first place for Small Off-Roaders, and the WEY Coffee 011 took first place in the category for Large Off-Roaders.

It is impressive that the Adult Occupant Protection ratings for the Hyundai IONIQ 6 were 97%. The IONIQ 6 is an all-electric vehicle with the most advanced safety technology available. It follows the trend of recent developments in the automotive industry. The IONIQ 6 received a flawless score in the frontal offset and side barrier tests for kid occupants because it offered outstanding protection for all important body regions of the 6-year-old and 10-year-old dummies used in the tests.

2022 saw the entry of a significant number of new Chinese brands into the European market, all of which were met with amazing success. After a string of unsuccessful attempts to break into the European market, several Chinese businesses are demonstrating that Chinese products can now compete with well-established European names in terms of safety. The ORA Funky Cat is a Small Family Car that is exceptionally well-equipped and has excelled in a number of well-known brands in comparison to other vehicles in its class.

The WEY Coffee 01 is number two on the NCAP list of the top vehicles in their category. This Chinese-made automobile is also exceptionally well-equipped and excels in all relevant metrics. After that came the LEXUS RX, which deserves to be mentioned in this setting because of its significance.

Both the design and the ideology of Tesla have had a significant impact on the market for automobiles in Europe. Additionally, the organization is committed to building a stellar track record in terms of its commitment to safety. The Tesla Model S and Model Y tied for first place in Adult Occupant Protection, obtaining a score of 98% in Safety Assist, which was the best possible score among all of the vehicles included in this ranking. The Tesla Model S also leads its competition in terms of its Pure Electric performance.

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