Michelin and DHL Express to conduct pilot of Michelin UPTIS puncture-proof tyre in Singapore

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Nearly 50 of DHL Express’s vans that do last-mile deliveries in Singapore will be equipped with airless Michelin UPTIS tyres by the time the year 2023 comes to a close. On January 10, the pilot programme will officially get underway with the delivery of the first automobiles to participants. One year ahead of schedule, the very first Michelin UPTIS tyres are already on the market and being offered for use in real-world situations.

The Michelin UPTIS prototype is an airless wheel and tyre combination that is resistant to punctures and is meant for use on automobiles and other compact trucks. The air has been replaced with a ground-breaking structure that is capable of supporting the vehicle. This ensures that the wheel will last for a long time and provides both comfort and safety while driving. It was designed to be an easy-to-implement solution that gives consumers the freedom to travel without worrying about the effect that dangers on the road may have on their tyres. In addition to this benefit, it decreases the number of used tyres that are thrown away because of punctures.

Because concerns about tyre pressure and punctures are eliminated with the Michelin UPTIS tyre, DHL will be able to increase its fleet’s productivity and ensure its company’s continuity. Because of this, the need to change tyres will come up less frequently, which will ultimately result in less waste.

The Michelin UPTIS represents a dramatic step forward for the tyre manufacturing sector. This is the result of almost fifty patents that were filed for innovations in the structure of tyres as well as high-tech materials. According to Bruno De Feraudy, Director of OEM activities at the Michelin Group, it demonstrates Michelin’s capacity for innovation in favour of safer and more environmentally responsible mobility.

The development of airless technology is Michelin’s top priority as it works toward its goal of producing an entirely environmentally friendly tyre by the year 2050. At the moment, twenty per cent of tyres are thrown away too soon because of damage such as punctures and blowouts (twelve per cent) or uneven wear and tear brought on by insufficient tyre pressure (eight per cent). According to Michelin’s estimations, based on the company’s research, the UPTIS airless technology could prevent the unnecessary disposal of as many as 200 million tyres annually, equivalent to 2 million tonnes of material. This is equivalent to the weight of 200 Eiffel Towers.

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