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Basics of Marriage Management


Author: Walter E Vieira
Paperback: 142 pages
Publisher: Frontier India Technology; 1st edition (11 September 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8193005511
ISBN-13: 978-8193005514
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.8 x 20.3 cm

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Marriage is the one Institution that needs more management than any other. And what could be better than having the world famous Marketing guru – Walter Vieira- showing us how to make it work? Too much about marriage is taken for granted. There is little preparation for marriage (except for the celebration part) and very little -is being done to keep a marriage going successfully. Many marriages cease to be enjoyable —- they become routine, boring, monotonous. – This book is an attempt to provide guidelines for success in marriage —to make it more enjoyable and more rewarding. Written in a racy, simple style with cartoons and case studies, this will be a valuable book for those intending to get married, recently married and, for those already married. Every aspect of marriage is considered: The all-important Sexual Part; Expectations in Marriages; Why Marriages go wrong; Marital Conflicts; Living in Marriages; The Boredom of Marriage; Proximity and Marriage; Dealing with in-laws; How to Choose the Right Partner; Predicting Success in Marriage. And, most important of all — How to make this most ancient of Institutions work in the modern world.


  • Marriage is here to stay!
    Changing Expectations from Marriage
    Why do Good Marriages Sometimes Fail?
    Changing Family Functions and their impact on Marriage
    Why do people Marry ? , Looking for. . .
    Choosing a Mate — Greater Freedom brings greater Responsibility
    Preparing for Marriage
    Marriage And Cultural Compatibility
    Parents-in-law: The good and bad sides
    Interfaith Marriages can work if you let them
    Is Marriage Really a Meal Ticket for Women?
    Marital Conflicts — Surviving a Crisis
    Smothering your Marriage to Death
    Family Planning and Its Influence on Marriage
    Keeping your Marriage from Growing Stale
    Over Sixty and Still in Love!!
    How Important is Sex in Marriage?
    Ignorance of Sex in Marriage
    Popular Misconceptions about Sex
    New Experiments in Marriage
    Can Marital Success be predicted ?
    Suggestions for Marital Success!
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