Home News Kia to continue as the Australian Open tournament’s Major Partner through 2028

Kia to continue as the Australian Open tournament’s Major Partner through 2028

Kia to extend its support of the Australian Open as Major Partner to 2028
Image: Kia

The sponsorship of the Australian Open by Kia Corporation, which began in 2002, will continue until 2028. At the 2023 Australian Open, Kia will use its “Movement inspires ideas” brand purpose to connect with tennis fans and engage them in the tournament (“AO23”).

On the 10th of January, Kia held an official vehicle transfer ceremony in Federation Square in Melbourne. Rafael Nadal, a two-time winner of the Australian Open and currently the Kia Global Ambassador, was present at the event.

Kia presented the tournament officials with 130 automobiles as a gift during the event. These vehicles included the Carnival multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Sorento sport utility vehicle (SUV), the Sportage sport utility vehicle (SUV), and the completely electric EV6 crossover. These Vans will be used to transport players, match officials, and VIP guests all across Melbourne for the length of the event, which runs from January 16-29.

At the Grand Slam Oval stand, which was recently established, Kia will display its all-electric, high-performance EV6 GT vehicle. Fans can really walk in their hero’s footsteps by participating in an interactive game called “Make your move” hosted at the 5,000-seat Kia Arena, which was opened at Melbourne Park the previous year as the fourth-largest tournament site. Fans will be able to watch Rafael Nadal compete on a massive screen, and while doing so, they will have the opportunity to generate electricity by walking on a one-of-a-kind floormat. This electricity will then be utilised to help power the Kia EV6 vehicles that are part of the AO23 fleet.

At the Kia Clubhouse event, the company will not only be showing off a number of digital content brand efforts designed expressly for AO23, but it will also be hosting twenty children who are beneficiaries of the Rafa Nadal Foundation. The young people will get the opportunity to participate in activities that will allow them to build experiences that will last a lifetime, such as watching Australian Open matches at Rod Laver Arena, taking part in a tennis clinic, and attending a variety of cultural events in Melbourne.



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