Krishna Janmashtami or Golukashtami,  falls on August 30,  which is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

On Janmashtami, people prepare Chappan bhog for Lord Krishna, according to tradition. We've compiled a list of quick and easy Janmashtami dessert recipes you must try.

Rasmalai Rasmalai is made from milk, paneer, and dry fruits, and if you like it, you can garnish it with a few strands of Kesar.

Rabri Rabri is a traditional Indian dessert that is served at most Indian celebrations and festivals. It is the thick, creamy residue that remains after milk has been evaporated.

Phirni Phirni is an aromatic dish made from broken or semi-ground rice and cooked with milk. It has been passed down through generations of Indians.

Peda Milk, saffron, sugar, and dry fruits are used to make peda. It is the most well-known confection associated with Krishna Janmashtami.

Doi Mishti Mishti Doi is a sweetened yogurt made with caramelized sugar, warm milk, and plain yogurt. It is rich, creamy, and has the perfect texture. This dessert is simple to make but has a rich flavor.

Kulhad Kheer This dessert is made with milk, rice, and nuts. It is mostly prepared on Janmashtami's eve.

Kalakand Kalakand is made by thickening milk and then combining it with sugar and dry fruits. After resting, it is cut into small square pieces. It contains full cream milk and has a shorter shelf life.

Coconut Ladoo It's a simple and delicious dessert that's also very simple to make. Coconut, cardamom powder, sweetener, and milk are used to make it.

Cham Cham Cham Cham, which is made with paneer and condensed milk, has a very short shelf life.

Basundi Basundi is a milk-based dessert made with saffron, lemon juice, green cardamom powder, and almonds. It is simple to make and is also served to Lord Krishna during the midnight celebration of Janmashtami.

Happy Janmashtami