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Aditya Nambiar is a founding member of, a prominent MLOps feature engineering transformation startup. Fennel has attracted the interest of industry titans, such as the former CTO of Facebook and CEOs of Kafka, Nutanix, and Yandex. Aditya possesses in-depth knowledge of real-time machine learning, an area in which he has consistently provided thought leadership through the publication of influential blogs and where he serves on the board of AI Infrastructure Alliance. Aditya began his career at Google Research and collaborated with renowned researchers on the team responsible for the development of transformers, which sparked the current revolution in Generative AI. Subsequently, Aditya lead a team at Facebook in the development of a cutting-edge ML platform designed to verify the identities of users. As the tech lead for Instagram Ads, Aditya was pivotal in launching ads on new platforms, including Instagram Reels and Explore, while concentrating on real-time intent ads. Aditya graduated from the prestigious IIT Bombay with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering and an All India Rank of 97. Numerous prestigious scholarships, including KVPY and NTSE, have been awarded to him by the Indian government in recognition of his academic excellence.

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