Brig (Retd) Dara Jehangir Govadia

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Brig (Retd) Dara Jehangir Govadia was educated at La Martiniere, Lucknow, and completed his graduation from Nagpur University. He was commissioned on March is 14 1971, in the Naga Regiment. This s the youngest regiment of the Indian Army. Brigadier Govadia was awarded the OTA Gold Medal for standi4 first in order of merit. He participated in the 1971 war in the Eastern and Northern theatres. He was also awarded the Chief of the Army Staff's Commendation Card in 1978 for exceptional devotion to duty. For three years, from 1980 to 1983 he was on an instructional assignment at the Intelligence Training School, and subsequently, with the College of Combat in 1999-2001. From August 1985 to October 1987, Brigadier Dara Govadia was in Bhutan, on a foreign assignment. He has commanded 2 Naga in 'Operation Rakshak' in Jammu and Kashmir from September 1993 to June 1996. For this, his unit was awarded the Chief of the Army Staff's Unit Citation, and the GOC-in-C Northern Command's Unit Appreciation for outstanding performance. He commanded a field formation in Operation Parakram in Jammu and Kashmir, and later, the Kumaon Regimental Centre, as Commandant.  *Views are personal.

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