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Tejashree Nair pursuing Journalism from S.M. Shetty College, Powai, and is always curious and analyzing crime related news, books, etc. She enjoys reading and learning new languages as a hobby. She can be reached at: [email protected] *Views are personal

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From Merkava to Barak – Meet Israel’s 5th Gen Game Changing AI Powered Battle Tank

The "Barak," the newest fifth-generation battle tank, was recently...

BAE Systems Unveils Game-Changing NGAA 155mm Artillery Shell, Addresses Ammo Shortages

BAE Systems Corporation showed the proposed 155mm artillery shell...

Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Start of Cutting-Edge 212CD Submarine Construction in German

The official ceremony marking the beginning of construction on...

Spain to Bolster Air Force with 25 More State-of-the-Art Eurofighters in ‘Halcón’ Expansion

The Spanish government approved a budget of 4.593 billion...