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Punjab National Bank launches Weaver Mudra Scheme

However, the interest subsidy will not be available from the date the loan account turns Non-Performing Asset (NPA) even within a period of 3 years.

Indian Silver demand falls, industrial demand may sustain in short term

The overall demand for silver in India has fallen due to repeated lockdowns by government and steep increase in prices. India, which is the largest consumer of...

Gold jewellery sale drops, investment and price rises amid COVID-19

Going forward, as the COVID-19 cases increases in India and the world, the use of face mask and head coverings will result on the decline in gold jewellery sales as it does not perform the role as fashion accessory and status.

Trust Issues in CSR implementation in India through Third Party Partners

A mix of honour-cum-law bound mechanism for corporates to undertake philanthropy in the spirit of larger socio-economic goals beyond profit-making was the thought that...

12 Crucial Tips to Buy the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Wider coverage options, no claim bonus, superior financial planning, and others are also benefits of buying health insurance at a young age.