Immunotherapy by Nature vs Vaccine

It is true that natural infection almost always causes better immunity than vaccines. Whereas immunity from the disease often follows a single natural infection,...

Commissioning of INS Rajali

My association with naval airfields on the East Coast started in 1981 when I was commanding INS Katchall. One day, when my ship was...

Covid 19 – An Epidemic or Pandemic or Mindemic

The whole world is grappling with novel coronavirus since the beginning of this year, though India started reacting only by mid March 2020. Well...

COVID 19 is a Flu Like Illness

Only a handful of COVID positive people among 10000 RT PCR positive have respiratory distress. Is it not confusing for a test which correlates with Respiratory distress among just a handful of people from 10000 RT PCR positive people?

New Norm – New Caste of untouchables in all religions

The domestic help has become untouchable and kept at a distance. He/she can do the cooking, keep the food on the table and leave after which members of the family serve themselves and eat