Our AI and Editing Tools Policy

Artificial Intelligence and writing tools are a reality, but their use within our company is under our control. We have crafted a policy on this subject, which serves as a guiding light for both our readers and authors.

AI and writing tools have made our work faster; we must recognize this. We do not encourage its use, but if it is used to help present stories to our readers in a well-edited format, we will overlook it. The author must disclose to us if these tools are used.

We discourage using AI to create ‘opinion’ stories, which goes against the spirit of writing them. We create content because we want to share our thoughts with readers. If we resort to AI, where is that spirit? We know this may limit our search ranking potential, but we feel that users will come back if they like our stories. Using AI for research, brainstorming, etc., is your personal decision and style.

That said, we do not discourage using writing tools to write news.

Since we cannot track the use of AI in story creation, we will continue to use our editorial oversight on the articles.