25 ALH Dhruv Mk-III approved for the Indian Army to augment airlift capability


The Ministry of Defence today approved the acquisition of proposals worth ₹13,165 crores including ALh Dhruv’s for the Indian Army and guided munition and rocket ammunition. 

As per the official release, 25 ALH Dhruv Mark-III helicopters are to be procured from HAL at an approximated cost of ₹3,850 crores, keeping the need of the Indian Army for an ALH Squadron in view. 

The Army already operates 22 ALH Mk-III helicopters purchased in 2017.

The ALH Mark-III helicopters are equipped with a Shakti engine, IADS with Digital Moving Map, Electronic Warfare Suite, Electro-Optical pod, CounterMeasure Dispensing system, Infrared Suppressor, Health & Usage Monitoring System, Solid State Digital Video Recorder (SSDVR) and an Engine Particle Separator. This version comes with variations for the three services.

The HAL Dhruv was designed to meet the requirements of the Indian military and civil operators. Earlier, the Indian Air Force and Indian Naval Air Arm had initiated the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) program in May 1979 and in 2002, HAL Dhruv came into service. 

In addition, the MoD approved the procurement of Terminally Guided Munition (TGM) & HEPF/RHE rocket ammunition was also approved at an approximate cost of ₹4,962 crores under Buy (Indian-IDDM) category. 

Vaibhav Agrawal
Vaibhav Agrawal
Vaibhav Agrawal is a Defence and Aerospace Journalist with his articles/works on various digital and print media platforms. He is an Anchor/Host and Correspondent associated with several News Media Organizations. *Views are personal


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