A drunk Turkish man travels with a search party searching for him

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Ketan Barot
Ketan Barot
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Several thinkers have stated in the past that humans can live better lives if they discover and realize their actual potential. A man in Turkey’s Inegöl, on the other hand, spent hours actually “looking for himself.”

When Beyhan Mutlu, 50, was enjoying a few beers with his buddies in the city, he had no idea he was going to lead the officials on a wild goose chase. Mutlu, who was intoxicated, went off into the nearby woods. When he didn’t return after a while, his frightened pals went to the police station to report him missing.

According to the local papers, the police filed a missing person complaint and began a search for Mutlu. The cops formed a team and decided to search the area where the man was last seen.

The gang spent some time searching the woods, but they were unable to locate the man. Mutlu later responded from within the search group when they yelled out his name.

Mutlu had joined the search party and travelled along with it while under the influence of alcohol, believing that efforts were being made to discover someone else in the vicinity. It is also said that the 50-year-old spent a significant amount of time literally “looking for himself.”

Mutlu was later led back to his home, according to Vaziyet, a Turkish news outlet.

This isn’t the only bizarre situation involving a missing person or object that has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

A gravestone in the United States that had been lost for nearly 150 years was recently retrieved from a residence where it was being used to make fudge.


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