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A new deadly Vietnam strain of COVID-19 is a hybrid of Indian & British strain

Vietnam Strain of coronavirus

Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long announced on Saturday the discovery of the Vietnam strain of coronavirus in the country – a hybrid of Indian and British strains, as per the Vietnamese edition of VnExpress.

As per the Ministry of Health, the Vietnam strain of the coronavirus is more infectious and easily transmitted. It is assumed that it was his appearance that led to a jump in the incidence in Vietnam, which earlier, before the appearance of the British strain in the country, managed to contain the spread of the virus through strict quarantine measures and mass testing.

Johns Hopkins University data says that over 6.5 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Vietnam during the entire pandemic, 47 patients have died. Vaccination has been organized in the country: more than 1 million doses of vaccines have been administered to the citizens of the country.

(Photo: Truyền Hình Pháp Luật/Wikimedia Commons)



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