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Russian Cabinet on Friday approved the list of states that are not friendly to Russia widely known as ‘unfriendly countries’. Featuring in the Russian list of unfriendly countries comes with certain penalties, especially diplomatic.

Whom does Russia consider’s unfriendly?

As per the Russian document, the foreign states which commit unfriendly actions against Russia, the Russian citizens and the Russian legal entities are unfriendly.  Russia has applied ‘measures of influence (counteraction)’ against these countries. The Unfriendly Country list is established by the decree of Russian President [Vladimir Putin] dated April 23, 2021 No. 243 ‘On the application of measures of influence (counteraction) on unfriendly actions of foreign states.

Which all countries have made it to the list?

As per the document, Russian list of unfriendly countries include the United States and the Czech Republic.

What are the countermeasures applied to the unfriendly countries?

According to the document, the Czech Republic is allowed to contract 19 Russian nationals, while the United States is fully banned from employing Russians.

Why are the US and the Czech Republic singled out?

The Czech authorities said on April 17 that Russia had been allegedly behind the blasts at munitions depots in the village of Vrbetice in the east of the Czech Republic in 2014 and expelled 18 Russian diplomats who, it claimed, were officers of the Russian intelligence service.

The United States and Russian tensions continue to spiral downward over issues including military threats to Ukraine, the SolarWinds cyber attack on US networks, and Russia’s treatment of jailed opposition activist Aleksei Navalny. In April, the US expelled 10 Russian diplomats, targeted dozens of entities and persons, and imposed new restrictions on Russia’s ability to borrow money.  The United States has repeatedly imposed anti-Russian sanctions in the recent years. 

Which are the other countries likely to make into the list?
Canada, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and the United Kingdom are likely to be added to the list as per previous press reports. This list includes 4 countries out of the Five Eyes countries. New Zeland, which is the fifth of the Five Eyes countries has not made it onto the list; at least not yet.  


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