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Awaiting final results of Bachelor of Multimedia and Mass Communication with Journalism specialization, with demonstrated knowledge of Digital Marketing. Love to write and talk about cricket. Aim to be a good Sports Journalist. *Views are personal.

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The Russian 6th generation MiG-41 PAK DP: Myth or Reality?

The MiG-41 PAK DP (Prospective Aviation Complex for Long-Range...

France Scrambles to Do Damage Control After Scathing Ukrainian 155mm Caesar Gun Review

In September 2023, Hanna Malyar, the Deputy Minister of...

Poland Is Building ‘The Border Wall’ Russia Can’t Ignore

Poland is taking a major step to secure its eastern border,...

Tank Drama Explodes as EU’s MARTE and FMBTech Turn Up Heat on France & Germany’s MCGS Project

In June 2023, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said that France...