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Anil K Anand is currently the Director Technical, MICROTROL Sterilisation Services Pvt. Ltd. Former  Director Reactor Projects Group BARC. Scientific Consultant, Academy Industry Interaction in the office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt. He has authored books including The Second Strike, Submarine Propulsion - Muscle Power to Nuclear; Probating the Will and Testament. He can be contacted at [email protected] *views are Personal.

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COVID-19 lockdown: India’s poor are the hardest hit

Why not collect statistics of loss of jobs, starvation, domestic violence, mental depression, resultant deaths from slum dwellers and compare with these with statistics reported every day about Covid cases, their recovery and mortality.

New Norm – New Caste of untouchables in all religions

The domestic help has become untouchable and kept at a distance. He/she can do the cooking, keep the food on the table and leave after which members of the family serve themselves and eat

Sterilisation and COVID-19 testing

I share some more information as the subject is of importance and there are concerns; being in the profession I am, several enquire about the cleanliness of the equipment and devices used for conducting these tests. During the Corona pandemic, there has been a noticeable spurt in demand for sterilisation of some disposable medical devices (Gloves, PPE, other Personnel protection gear, Catheters, IV sets, syringes...) all used by Doctors, our front-line warriors and other paramedical workers.

Chinese firms barred from Indian road projects, investing in MSME

We must critically examine the ongoing trade, import of domestic and industrial products and the method of tendering, bidding and execution of projects in the country.

Corona, Infrared thermometers and the call to ban made in China products

The first time, the infrared thermometer, in the shape of a pistol was pointed at my head when I visited a bank with a...


Poland Is Building ‘The Border Wall’ Russia Can’t Ignore

Poland is taking a major step to secure its eastern border,...

Tank Drama Explodes as EU’s MARTE and FMBTech Turn Up Heat on France & Germany’s MCGS Project

In June 2023, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said that France...

Russian Military’s Prize Catch: THeMIS – The Estonian Robot Shaking Up Warfare!

Recently, a photo of an unusual trophy that ended...

Putin’s Mystery ‘Cosmos-2553’ Satellite- A Nuclear Doomsday Weapon for Space?

Russia launched a satellite, "Cosmos-2553," into Earth's orbit on...