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Jayanta Banerjee is the Group CIO at Tata Steel Limited, focusing on IT, Digital, and Plant Automation led transformation to create business value. He has been a Business Leader in TCS, focused on the Products and Platform's business strategy and governance. Jayanta has been the Business leader and Global Head of TCS’ Energy and Resources business. He has been with Tatas for almost twenty-eight years and has lead businesses, sales, delivery, operations and IT/ digital globally. Jayanta has played key leadership roles in industry initiatives specific to Life Sciences, CPG, Energy, and Natural Resources. He has spearheaded strategic transformations in these verticals. He has been instrumental in nurturing many strategic partnerships for TCS and now driving a significant business value transformation program at Tata Steel as CIO leveraging new age digital, IT, and plant automation. He has been an extensive traveller across the globe and takes a keen interest in ground-breaking initiatives. Jayanta is also on the board of mjunction services ltd and Kalimati Global Shared Services ltd. and works with Niti Ayog, CII, NASSCOM, and other industry forums on industry 4.0 initiatives. He is actively into fitness and a mentor to aspiring leaders in the IT industry.

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