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Dr Neeraj Kumar Tulara is currently practicing in Mumbai as an Infectious Disease Physician in Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital. He has completed his graduation from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, and Post Graduation from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. He has been associated with various multispecialty hospitals like Jaslok Hospital as an ICU-Intensivist, Nanavati Hospital as Head Critical care and Consultant Physician, Holy Family Hospital as a Consultant Intensivist and now with Hiranandani Hospital as a Senior Consultant Physician and ID Specialist. He has done his post graduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases from South Wales University, Australia. He is a life member of various medical societies like IDSA, ESICM, IMA, ISICM, ASI, API, CSI, ISID, etc. He is a medical Licensing examiner of seafarers and class 2 pilots in India. He has many publications in national and international Journals in his name. He has been a Faculty in many National and International Forums. He has been associated with many journals as an editor including One of the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine.

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