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Is virgin coconut oil weight loss theory really true?

Coconut oil has lately caught the attention of the people around the world for its presumed potential for weight loss. The Coconut Board of...

Khandala – Lonavala railway stretch get solar power

In addition to this, CSMT station building, Kalyan Railway School, Kalyan Railway Hospital, Kurla and Sanpada Car sheds are also fitted with solar panels, with the anticipated generation to be around 18.73 lakh kWh and saving Rs. 1.45 crore in energy bills.

COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials but scientists clueless on antibody

Using X-ray crystallography, the team imaged two antibodies attached to their target site on SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting atomic-structure details of this interaction might potentially help the vaccine designers.

Kajol Devgan shares a bold curls hairstyle picture

Remember the Bold Curls hairstyle from the 1980s which was a trend among most girls of the times, and most of the folks in...

Vegetarian food has the same amount of testosterone as meat

At the same time, one has to distinguish between healthy and non-healthy plant-based foods like soda, chips and juice.


France not ruling out fighter jets to Ukraine, US says no to F-16

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he...

How does Russian T-90M Proryv compare against western heavy Tanks?

In a proxy war between NATO and Russia in...

Russians prepare T-72 to fight Leopard 2, Challenger 2 and other western tanks

In recent months, images of updated T-72B3 tanks being...

Pralay Missile: India Closer to Integrated Missile Force to Counter China and Pakistan

It is believed that the recent test-firing of the...