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Trust Issues in CSR implementation in India through Third Party Partners

A mix of honour-cum-law bound mechanism for corporates to undertake philanthropy in the spirit of larger socio-economic goals beyond profit-making was the thought that...

Spanish Forward Igor Angulo signs for FC Goa

Igor Angulo joins Redeem Tlang, Sanson Pereira and Makan Winkle Chothe in the list of players signing up for FC Goa this off-season.

12 Crucial Tips to Buy the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Wider coverage options, no claim bonus, superior financial planning, and others are also benefits of buying health insurance at a young age.

Risk of Rain 2 – Captain’s crew faces off the final boss on The Moon

Risk of Rain 2 game maker has announced the completion of the Steam Early Access and officially launch on August 11. Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo...

Operation Qanoon nets 20 million illicit pharmaceutical items across MENA

The authorities of Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia conducted searches at ports, airports, border check posts, free trade zones, cargo and warehouse facilities, pharmacies and other points of sale.


Kh-69, Zircon, and Grom-E1 – Russia Tests Unproven Missiles in Real-World Combat

Russia is reportedly using its missile weaponry more frequently,...

Pakistan Election Thriller: Imran Khan Scores Symbolic 100, But Can He Win the Match?

Like the Indian Parliament having two houses-Lok Sabha and...

US okay’s Poland’s “Floating Radar Aerostats” to Monitor  Putin’s Missiles

The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has approved...