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Kajol Devgan shares a bold curls hairstyle picture

Remember the Bold Curls hairstyle from the 1980s which was a trend among most girls of the times, and most of the folks in...

Vegetarian food has the same amount of testosterone as meat

At the same time, one has to distinguish between healthy and non-healthy plant-based foods like soda, chips and juice.

US withdrawal from WHO draws scepticism and criticisms

The US contributes between $107 to $119 million in assessed contributions and an additional $102 - $401 million per year. The WHO’s total budget per year is $2.4 billion.

Lockdown is not a solution, Spending on Medical Sector, Infrastructure Key says Raghuram Rajan

“We talked about privatization; why haven’t we spent these 4-5 months preparing the entities to be privatized and to sell them so that we can have more resources to spend on repairing the economy?” Raghuram Rajan

Drinking Raw Milk May Do More Harm than Good

A new study offers new light on The long-running ‘raw versus pasteurized milk’ debate where the former has been found to have more Antimicrobial Resistance Genes (ARG).


Parallels in Punjab: The Evolution of the Khalistan Movement

In recent times, Amritpal Singh has been making the...

Russian forces destock old T-54 tanks produced in the 1950s

Since the T-62s were pushed in the conflict, the...

What are depleted uranium shells that Ukraine will receive, and why is it “not a dirty bomb”

Providing depleted uranium shells, along with Challenger 2 tanks...