Indian Railways prototype 10 kmph speed NMGH automobile carrier coach

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Central Railway’s Parel Workshop has developed a prototype New Modified Goods coach (NMGH) for carrying automobiles in a short span of 45 days.The NMGH automobile carrier coach features improved fall plate for easier loading of automobiles, lashing channels for proper securing of vehicles, fully welded chequered plate floor, louvres for ventilation and natural pipe light illumination. NMGH will increase the speed potential of NMGH coach from 75 to 110 kmph.  The Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO) will now conduct oscillation trails of this coach.

Indian Railways has become a safe and affordable transport for transporting automobiles to various parts of the country and even neighbouring Bangladesh. The NMGH automobile carrier coach design arrived after a joint meeting between the Railways and Manufacturers of automobiles.  The suggestions put forth by manufacturers for improvements in end opening, door design, fall plate and coach floor design & guidance for loading and unloading was referred by Central Railway to RDSO to improve the New Modified Goods (NMG) coach which is used for transporting automobiles. The automobile manufacturers have inspected the coach and expressed satisfaction over-improved design.

Indian Railways New Modified Goods coach automobile carrier interior

Sanjeev Mittal, General Manager, Central Railway appreciated the Team Parel Workshop for modifying the NMG coach in a record time.  D.K. Singh, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Central Railway said that the speed potential of the NMGH automobile carrier will be a game-changer in quick and safer transportation of the automobiles.

Under the guidance of A.K. Gupta, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, the Central Railway, the dedicated workforce of Parel workshop led by Vivek Aacharya, Chief Workshop Manager, took the challenge and developed the coach with proper entry slope, markers on the floor for guidance, retro-refractive marking on floor, pillar and carline for guidance, unrestricted full-height end opening, etc.


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