Brig Sanjay Sangwan

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Brig Sanjay Sangwan (Retd.) is an Indian Army Armoured Corps Veteran and has commanded an Armoured Regiment and an infantry brigade on the Western Border with Pakistan. * Views are personal.

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Russian Roulette: Kazakhstan’s Su-30SM Purchase Challenges CAATSA and Alters Alliances

Since the commencement of the limited conflict between Russia...

Iran Unveils Largest Jamaran Type Frigate FFGH 78 Deylaman in Caspian Sea Fleet

A ceremony was conducted at the Bender-Enzeli naval base...

Germany Selects Eurofighter EK to Replace Panavia Tornado SEAD Instead of Boeing EA-18G Growler  

Eurofighter Elektronischer Kampf (Electronic Combat, Eurofighter EK) will finally...