Biden has four years to live, and controversies surrounding Putin’s health

Media is rife with speculations on the health of President Biden and President Putin.

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Joseph P Chacko
Joseph P Chacko
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U.S. President Joe Biden amused the world with yet another gaffe. Speaking at a gathering dedicated to the fight against climate change, the 79-year-old President announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. They say this is because, in his home state of Delaware, where the politician spent his youth, there are too many oil refineries that pollute the environment.

That’s why many other people he grew up with, and he himself has cancer, claimed Biden. “And that’s why for a long time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the U.S.,” Biden announced.

Of course, the White House public relations apparatus, barely recovering from the shock, issued an urgent explanation: the President was misunderstood. He most likely meant skin tumours that he had removed even before he was elected to the highest government post. Now there is no talk of any oncology; in general, the nation’s leader is in excellent physical shape.

But almost simultaneously with this bravura statement, an article by C. Baker, M.D., specializing in age-related changes in the brain, appeared in the American Thinker magazine. The publication explicitly states that Biden will not live to see the end of his second term if re-elected in 2024. The doctor called it a “national tragedy” that a “frail, decrepit, deranged old man” is at the head of the United States.

President Biden has dementia, and it is progressing before our eyes. It is possible that his dementia did indeed reach stage 4 out of 7 possible on the GDS scale; this is a moderately pronounced cognitive decline, Baker writes. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, men’s median survival after such a diagnosis is 4.1 years.

The specialist asked to add this period to the current year 2022 and draw a disappointing conclusion.

Controversies surrounding Putin’s health

American intelligence regularly prepares reports on the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Joe Biden administration. In May, the fourth such report was submitted. At least that’s what Newsweek says.

Citing intelligence reports, three high-ranking sources in the Biden administration told Newsweek that Putin underwent treatment in April for advanced cancer. And in March, an assassination attempt was allegedly made on the Russian President. The article notes, however, that all three officials — one from the office of the director of national intelligence, one retired senior air force officer, and one from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency — said that the Russian leader’s isolation makes it difficult for U.S. intelligence to accurately assess Putin’s health.

Referring to his acquaintances in medical circles, an Israeli journalist Mark Kotlyarsky wrote on May 30 that Putin had pancreatic cancer and was being prepared for surgery at the NN Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center. 

British tabloids did not want to be left behind and, on the same day, reported that the Russian President had already died. The publications Star, Mirror and The Sun wrote that Putin is likely to be replaced by his double. This was allegedly reported to them by a source in British intelligence.

Maria Maksakova, opera singer and former deputy of the Russian State Duma, wrote about the aggressive pathology of the spine discovered in Putin ten years ago on her Facebook. She has been living in Kyiv since 2016. She claims to have learned about Putin’s illness in 2011 from people engaged in unique medical industry research.

The most explicit material on Putin’s health to date was the material of the Proekt publication. The journalists discovered that a huge team of doctors had accompanied the President of Russia for several years. Among them is a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer.

To summarize, it turns out that Vladimir Putin may suffer from pancreatic and thyroid cancer, Parkinson’s disease, plus aggressive pathology of the spine.

What the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) thinks about such gloomy forecasts of Biden is not known for certain. But the director of the U.S. spy agency, William Burns, on July 21, shared data on how Vladimir Putin feels. At an event in Colorado, Burns was asked how the CIA assessed the state of health of the President of Russia as he had been coughing during public speeches in recent days. The director admitted that there were many rumours about the health of the Russian leader but then honestly added: “As far as we can tell, he is too healthy. This is an informal intelligence assessment.”

On the eve of Putin speaking to the participants of the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum, he apologized for his cough, explaining it as a consequence of his visit to Iran.

– Yesterday it was very hot in Tehran – plus 38. And the “air-conditioner” was joking there as it should – the President said.


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