Bihar MLA was spotted in his underpants in a train, blaming it on a sick stomach

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Ketan Barot
Ketan Barot
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In an unpleasant occurrence, fellow passengers on a train denounced Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s MLA for wandering around in his underpants. 

On a trip from Patna to New Delhi, JDU MLA Gopal Mandal was seen wandering around in his underpants in the AC First Class cabin of the Tejas Rajdhani Express. 

The event occurred on Thursday, according to NDTV News. 

JDU MLA Gopal Mandal in undergarments on train
JDU MLA Gopal Mandal in undergarments on train

Other passengers were enraged by the MLA’s behavior, which nearly resulted in a brawl. The Railway Police Force (RPF) and the ticket examiner needed to intervene. 

Rajesh Kumar, East Central Railway’s Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), remarked to the media, “MLA’s behavior was criticized by other passengers. Both parties were convinced by the police and the ticket examiner.” 

Mandal, on the other hand, blamed his sartorial decision on an unsettled stomach. “I was dressed in only my underpants and a vest. I’d just gotten on the train and was sick to my stomach. I don’t tell lies, “MLA was quoted by ANI as stating. 

Photos of the MLA in a white vest wandering the railway carriage have gone viral. 

Meanwhile, Gopal Mandal’s buddy, Kunal Singh, said that Mandal suffers from diabetes and was in Delhi on “important business.” 

The MLA couldn’t go to the washroom in his clothing because of his weight, so he used to wear lungi and gamchha (loincloth and cotton towel) when he needed to use the restroom, according to Kunal. 

“He [Gopal Mandal] needed to use the restroom after boarding the train.

He went in his underpants since he was in a rush. At this point, one of the passengers said something impolite to Mandal. The MLA remained silent at the moment, but after coming from the restroom, he chatted with the passenger “Kunal Singh was quoted by Republic TV as stating.

“Nothing like such happened,” Kunal Singh stated in response to all of Prasad Paswan’s claims. 

Meanwhile, CPRO East Central Railway stated RPF and TTE were able to persuade both parties and bring the situation to a conclusion.


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