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Biden finishes summit with ‘Dictator’ Xi, key points


Following the conversation with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on November 15 in San Fransisco, on the sidelines of the APEC Summit, US President Joe Biden said that the United States and China would maintain high-level diplomatic contacts throughout the summit in San Francisco.

Biden said at a press conference that the United States and China plan to keep up their top-level diplomatic meetings for the foreseeable future, with both sides stressing the importance of keeping an open line of communication, including between the two nations’ leaders. 

Some Progress

The US President described the discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping as fruitful and acknowledged “some progress.”

Following negotiations with the Chinese leader, Biden stated at a press conference that he believes some progress has been made. He observed that the lengthy meeting spanned multiple hours and was among the most fruitful and constructive the two parties had ever experienced.

Against interfering in US elections

During the face-to-face meeting, Biden cautioned Chinese President Xi Jinping about potential interference in the forthcoming 2024 presidential elections.

He explicitly expressed his belief that China would not attempt to intervene in the US’s electoral process. Regarding this, Biden stated the two had a conversation. 

Resumption of Military Contacts

Biden stated that the US is resuming military contacts with China. It is critical to resume direct military-to-military communications… Biden stated that the two nations have resumed direct, open and clear communications.

Resume cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking

Biden stated that the two nations are resuming their joint efforts to combat drug trafficking. Biden stated that he was pleased to declare the resumption of collaboration between the two nations in the fight against drugs following a lengthy hiatus.

Dictator Xi

Despite their recent negotiations, Biden stated that his assessment of Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a “dictator” has not changed. 

When asked if he had changed his opinion following the discussions, Biden responded that Xi is a dictator in the sense that he is the leader of a communist nation whose government is entirely different from the US.

 US will Continue to Compete with China

Biden stated that while the US and China continue to compete, they will collaborate in areas where their interests coincide.

After concluding negotiations with the Chinese leader on the margins of the APEC summit in San Francisco, Biden stated at a press conference that the United States will maintain active competition with China, but it will do so responsibly to prevent conflict or unintended conflict. 

Critical Communication

In his summary of the meeting with Xi Jinping, Vice President Biden emphasised the criticality of direct communication between the leaders of the United States and China, stating unequivocally that such interactions are the only viable option.

It is critical to maintain communication with the opposing party. Biden has stated that he will answer the phone should Xi initiate contact. Significant progress has been made, the American leader declared.

The Chinese View – The Five Pillars

According to China Central Television, President Xi Jinping articulated five principles that should serve as the cornerstone of diplomatic ties between China and the United States. The initial pillar entails collectively establishing an accurate perception of one another. According to Xi Jinping, China has always been dedicated to establishing a stable, robust, and resilient China-US relationship. Simultaneously, China has principles and interests that require safeguarding.

The second pillar is to effectively resolve disagreements collectively. The Chinese leader emphasised that preexisting differences between Beijing and Washington should not result in a chasm between the two nations; instead, they should find ways to build bridges and advance towards one another, refrain from provocations, engage in dialogue and interaction, and amicably resolve disagreements and unanticipated circumstances.

The third pillar is the promotion of cooperation that is mutually beneficial. Xi Jinping emphasised that the United States and China, which have vast common interests in various domains, should maximise the use of extant diplomatic, economic, financial, and commercial mechanisms to advance cooperation.

It is the fourth pillar that the two powers divide their responsibilities. As per the leader of the People’s Republic of China, the resolution of global challenges necessitates the collaboration of significant nations.

Xi stated that the United States and China should strengthen cooperation and coordination on international and regional issues, provide more public benefits to the world, and lead by example.

Sharing in the promotion of humanitarian exchanges constitutes the fifth pillar. Xi Jinping emphasised the importance of fostering and supporting the growth of communication and exchanges among the citizens of the two nations, establishing collaborations in the fields of tourism, education, and culture, and augmenting air travel between the two nations.

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