Russia & Japan were closest to signing a peace treaty in 2018 says, Shinzo Abe

The former Prime Minister of Japan Mr Shinzo Abe said that Russia & Japan were closest to signing a peace treaty in 2018. Speaking to...

ISS avoids collision with an unidentified object

The ISS (International Space station) has avoided a collision with unidentified space debris said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted on Tuesday. "Maneuver Burn complete....

NASA to land a woman and man on Moon’s South Pole in 2024

The Moon's South Pole is the next landing site for NASA which has outlined a plan to send a woman and a man to...

Trump accuses Russia of stealing hypersonic missile technology

Moscow had rejected the charges in 2019 citing the display of a mock-up of an intercontinental ballistic missile warhead dubbed Yu-71 back in 1990's which was a boost glide vehicle. They argue that the technology developed in the former Soviet Union was on par with the US and the current generation of missines are a continuation of the built up capabilities.

Russia develops Chip for 6G network

Only a few countries and companies are in the exploratory R&D phase on sixth-generation (6G) network technologies. 5G is still in its infancy and only South Korea, China and the US have seen any meaningful rollout.