China bans the showing of effeminate men on TV

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The Chinese authorities have banned the appearance on television of “effeminate men and other abnormal aesthetics.”

“It is necessary … to vigorously develop the outstanding Chinese traditional, revolutionary and advanced socialist culture, to establish the correct aesthetic orientation of the programs,” the State Administration for Radio and Television of the PRC.

The authorities demanded not to allow the popularization of ostentatious enjoyment of life, gossip, and scandals, vulgar Internet celebrities, and negative phenomena that attract massive attention.

In addition, the department ordered that TV channels and online platforms strictly control the selection of actors and guests, assessing, among other things, their political literacy and morality.

Those who take a “wrong political position and are alienated from the party and state”, who violated laws, regulations, or public order, will not be allowed on television.

The department expects TV channels to decide to adhere to the correct political orientation and develop genuine, kind, and beautiful while rejecting lies, evil, and obscenity.


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